Why Girls never text first to Boys : 7 Strong Reasons


Many Guys think about that why girls never text first? What is the reason behind this historical habit? This has always been a big point of discussion.

Girls might think that texting first might annoy a man. When a Girl decides to text first especially to a Guy then at that time many things and thoughts come in her mind. There are many reasons standing behind’s a girl’s conception of not texting first. We stated some of the reasons below.

Girls think its inappropriate

At the first-time Girls think that a Guy might be Mr Inappropriate which is why she would avoid texting first. You can prove yourself appropriate by sending sensible texts. You can change their perception.

Bad impression on a Girl

Girls might be thinking that if she will text a boy first then she will learn slang and will be using those in her life, which is not a good habit. You should avoid this, she does not.

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Dirty talks of Boys

Women often think that if they are texting you first then they will have to talk in a dirty way as he will force them to. So, try to avoid such situations.

Girls want to chase you

If she wants to be playful and considers it better than you will and you can chase her down, she will never text you first.

A girl does not know the start

There are many women who don’t know how to start with, even they are afraid and have that question. ‘What if I text and things go wrong? It might be sopping them to texting first.

Don’t want to annoy someone

Females think that their message could annoy a Guy. If a Guy is busy, she does not want to be the reason to disturb him and make him think that she is an annoying person.

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Girl’s receive many texts in a day

Generally, so many females receive 50 texts in a day and so, she does not even have time to reply, guys should forget that she will text first because she is damn busy.

So, finally try to understand the dilemma of a Girl and not to expect the first message from her as she might hesitate in texting you first.


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