What happens when your best friend dating the wrong person?


Love is not just a feeling; it is a life of our journey. We met many people in our lives that are different from us, some of them are very generous with us but some are very rude.

Many times we fell in love with the wrong person but we cannot see this. If your best friend happens to date a wrong person then how do you handle the situation?

I think this is the trickiest situation and it can easily turn into some big problem. So let’s know about the handling of the situation when your best friend is dating the wrong person.

No chit chat, only proof

You should work on getting proof that your friend’s partner is not a good person. It’s better to approach the situation by showing your friend pictures/letters/recordings than by merely making allegations. It helps you to prove your point.

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funda of Understanding

Try to think about your friend’s situation. If he/she is genuinely in love with the guy and has thought of a future together, your revelation is going to hit them hard, so, try to understand their situation while breaking the bad news to them.

Give your shoulder

Before telling any kind of truth, tell your friend that you will always be there for her/him. No matter what happen. Because, when they feeling low, they need your support to face the situation.

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No comparison

It is true that you have seen many such cases before but that’s not what your friends to know. Your friend is desperately trying to put their life on track. Don’t give stupid comparisons.


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