What Life line on Palm reveals secrets about your life?


According to Palmistry, lines on our palm can tell us a lot more about our personality. Palmistry is the science of lines that reveals about the personality, behaviour and future of the person.

You will probably notice four running lines on your palm with varying lengths. These four lines are representing different and various aspects of our life and these are called heart, head, life and fate lines. Each line of our palm would reveal something different about us.

Since ancient times in Asia, Persia, Israel and Babylonia palm reading practices to read about the personality and nature of an individual. Lifeline on the palm is the most significant line of our hand as it tells us about the prospects and longevity of a person.

So now, we describe the importance and effect of lifeline on our lives and personality.

What life line depict?

It is said that lifeline is the most controversial line on the palm. This line reveals about the encounters in your life, relationships with others. Physical, and emotional well-being. Many people have a misconception about this line is that represents longevity of life or tell when you will die.

Lifespan can be determined by the lifeline and this perception of lifeline was created centuries ago by people who wanted to take advantage of gullible people. This is truly wrong that lifeline depicts life expectancy of an individual. This myth has become popular in modern times also. Even some books on palmistry also perpetuate this myth as a truth.

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What does the life line disclose?

According to palmistry, lifeline signifies the vitality, physical health and well-being of an individual. It reflects major life changes, physical injuries and relocations. If there are some marks on this line then it indicates some important events, travels and tribulations in life. When islands, circles, crosses or tributary mark appear on the lifeline then it means there are strong chances of momentous events in your life that leave their mark on your mind and life. Lifeline on the palm is connected with physical vitality and life energy of a person. The better the condition your lifeline is in, the easier you flow through life from day to day.

Location of Life line on the palm

This significant line of our life begins between the index finger and the thumb and continues downward toward the base of the thumb and the connection to the wrist. Take a look at the various kinds of lifelines on palm and their impact.

Broken life line

People who have broken lifeline on their hand means they do not rest and review of their work what they have completed. These kinds of people frequently facing challenges in their life and they just love it. They don’t like resting in life and reviewing their previous work.

Short life line

Short lifeline refers to the shortness of energy in life. It means there is a lack of energy in the person to handle overcoming challenges in life. The person does not complete his tasks before stopping to rest. They always need someone pushing them to complete their task.

Absence of life line

If a person does not have any lifeline on their palm then it does not mean that the person is about to die. Absent or disappear life line shows a lethargic, slow and inactive person. They have a tremendous nervous energy.

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