Vastu tips for Students to enhance their concentration power


Vastu Shastra is a study of science which helps individuals to improve their lives in each and every situation. Vastu will help you in many ways and it also resolves the problems of students. Those students who are facing lack in concentration while studying should follow Vastu tips for students.

Here are the some important Vastu tips for students that will enhance their career life and mental stability.

Vastu tips for higher studies

Those students who are going for higher studies should face North while studying. The entrance of the study room should be from the North East, South East or North West.

Vastu tips for students

  • According to Vastu consultant in Delhi, study room should be located in the East, North or the Northeast direction of the house.
  • Students should not study sitting under the beam. If there is a beam in their study room then you can mend it by interiors.
  • Ensure that each mirror of the study room should be covered in the night. If there is some problem in the horoscope of the student and if he is facing some troubles in his education, you must cover all the mirrors of his room in the night.
  • As per Vastu Shastra, pillars, columns and sharp pointed edges of furniture will create obstructions and distracts focus. So, try to curve the edges.
  • In the study, room place the study table facing the East or North direction. If a student is preparing for higher studies then the child is facing either of these directions but must not face South direction while studying.
  • Do not keep the study table adjacent to the wall.

Vastu for students

  • To enhance the concentration and focus the power of the student, always make sure that there should be a window or open space in front of him while studying.
  • One can place a soothing painting or poster in the study room. The east direction is not appropriate for bookshelves and not above the study table in front.
  • Make sure that the study table is not cluttered with heaps of books and study material.
  • You must consider the wooden table and chair in the study room.
  • As per Vastu tips for students, the study room should be brightly lit.
  • There should be an adequate amount of natural light and fresh air. Shadow of the child should not fall on the study table while studying.
  • Those students who are fading failure in exams and depressed due to this should talk to the best Vastu consultant in Delhi.
  • Always place a study lamp on the left side as it will energize concentration.
  • Use vibrant and cheerful colors on the walls of the Study room. Do not use too much dark and dull colors.
  • You can place an aquarium in the study room. It will remove all the problems of the horoscope of the child.
  • While sleeping, the child’s head should be towards South or west and avoid North direction.
  • Hanging a picture of rising sun or galloping horse.
  • Keep some newspapers or comics as the student deserves near your child’s bedside or study table.
  • Hang or display trophies or certificates on the South wall that are won by the child.

If your child is suffering from any kind of hesitation, lack of concentration or having the problem in focusing on studies then you must consult to the best Vastu consultant in Delhi.

Best Vastu astrologer in Delhi will guide you and his/her guidance will help you to tackle with the hindrances and obstacles of the horoscope of your child.

These Vastu for students can make their performance better. Vastu tips promote the growth of the students and explore more opportunities for them.


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