Uber spreading wings in India


Uber is the company who is offering amazing offers to Indian people for both riders and drivers. The cab aggregator service is aiming to capture the big cities of India such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata.

Uber has many investors among the biggest ones are Goldman Sachs and Google, which helps Uber to in mobile app for booking the cab with ease. Through there mobile app Uber is offering and encouraging the car owners and passengers towards their platform. This means burning hoards of cash.

Worldwide India is the second biggest market for Uber in terms of geographical presence. Uber right now worth near $40 billion, which offered the user 300 referral bonus from a very long time, but now the company is doubling their “referral bonus” which means an existing user gets rides up to 600rs. For onboarding every new member and for the new member, the first ride is also free up to 600rs.

Now the company have to also fulfil the driver’s requirements as this scheme will decently increase the demand of the riders. To ensure enough supply of cars to meet this demand Uber is also providing drivers with per-trip bonuses. Uber is offering a temporary incentive scheme, of Rs 100-275 per trip to car owners. This has helped Uber meet the twin objective of getting more cars on to its platform and ensuring these stays on the road for a long while. A lot of car owners has already enrolled their cars, and Uber said they target at least 10 rides a day to make the most of the incentive scheme.

Shailesh Sawlanu, General Manager of Uber India said: “India is one of our global priority markets, The growth we are seeing in general in India is truly spectacular”.

According to the records the car company has built their operations within the country really quick in a year of their startup. Today Uber have over 50,000 Taxi in every metro state, as well the car availability timing has also changed in a very drastically manner. There was a time when Uber took almost double of time than getting a traditional cab but now it takes the same amount of time as getting an auto rickshaw or any other transport vehicle.

“When we started a year ago, the waiting time for getting a car was about 25 minutes. Today, it is down to eight minutes”, stated by Shailesh Sawlani.

The kind of growth company is seeing in India is currently the highest in the World. Uber is present in 300 cities globally and in 11 cities in India are the most in any country outside its home market America. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata are the top cities in terms of business for the company.

Uber is not the only one who is making money but it also engaged the employees all over the country. For the uneducated drivers get an opportunity to earn Rs 20k to 40k every month. And with their offers and schemes for both the riders and the drivers, Uber is spreading wings all over India.


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