Don’t forget these things while go for Court Marriage


Nowadays, Youngsters don’t like the big fat Indian wedding dilemma as they are more interested in saving money and time.

Most of the youngsters prefer to love marriage over marriage arrange by their parents.

Many times, parents are against for love marriage due to different caste or religion. In this situation, couples chose the option of court marriage which is not only time savvy but also require less money.

In this article, we share some important things that should be remembered before going to do a court marriage.

Parent’s approval for court marriage

It is obvious that you choose this type of marriage option because you don’t have the consent of your parents for your inter-caste wedding.  So, in this simple type of marriage, you don’t require parent’s approval.

If your parents are against your marriage you can still get the approval for the court marriage from the marriage officer to register the marriage.

You must remember that for a court marriage, both the parties and three witnesses are needed in the presence of the marriage officer. It will also be countersigned by the marriage officer.

Conditions for Court marriage

If you want to do this type of marriage then the age of the boy must be 21 and it’s above. While the female should be 18 years of age. If the couple already got married once before then the previous wedding will be considered illegal.

Objection against your marriage

The objection against your marriage if anyone is against your marriage decision then they can raise a complaint to the district marriage officer within 30 days of wedding application submission.

If the objection or complaint are accepted then the district officer asks for the enquiry and if your provided information is false then the marriage cannot be solemnised.

Marriage certificate

You must register for legal Marriage certificate which will be given by the Marriage officer. It signed by both parties and three witnesses in front of the marriage office like certificate is the proof of the court marriage.

So, if you are planning to do court marriage then you must remember above-mentioned points. They will surely help you to make your path easier.


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