Wear Emerald stone for Immense Wealth and Better Health


The green colour of Emerald stone attracts many people around the world. Apart from Green emerald Rubies and sapphire are also considered in the main three coloured gemstones.

This stone is a derivate of beryl and Beryl is a mineral which is a mixture of beryllium and aluminium. The gemstone not only gives astrological benefits but it can also wear for fashion and style purpose.

Emerald Birthstone

Those natives who born in the month of May, can wear this magical gemstone. It is considered as the birthstone of the people who born in the May month. If your birth month is May then you should wear Emerald stone to make your life better and prosperous.

Emerald stone zodiac

According to astrology, Mercury is the ruling planet of Panna stone. Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury planet, so, natives of these zodiac signs can wear this gemstone.  If you born between 21st May to 20th June and 21st August to 20th September then you can wear this green stone.

Benefits of Emerald stone

If your child is facing problem in studies or having the problem to concentration on studies or he does not get the desired result then he must wear Panna stone ring. This gemstone has the power to enhance the intelligence and wisdom power of the student. It directly affects the grasping power of students and helps them to do well in exams.

People who work in the field of Art should also wear this gemstone. If you desire to make your career in the field of music, fashion designing, interior designing and painting then you should wear emerald gemstone. It is a stone of Mercury and this planet helps the wearer for innovative and new ideas. This will surely help you to achieve success in your creative field.

जानिए पुखराज पहनने के फायदे और नुकसान

What does the Emerald stone symbolize?

This gemstone symbolizes mercy, universal love and compassion. So, it could be said that Panna is the stone of the heart. It promotes physical, emotional, spiritual and mental balance.

What is the cost of Emerald stone in India?

In India, Panna Ratna price range starts from 800 Rs and may go high as 2 lakh per carat. Emerald stone price generally depends on its quality and origin.

What is Emerald stone good for?

This gemstone represents the energy pattern of the Heart chakra. It is good to increase the eyesight. It gives relaxation to the mind. Panna Ratna will eradicate any serious health problem. It gives you immense wealth and better health.

How to Buy

It is recommended that only genuine and high-quality gemstones can you give the best astrological results. So, if you planning to purchase Emerald stone then you must buy this from a genuine manufacturer.

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