The mystical story behind the Females entry in the Sabarimala Temple


Sabarimala temple located at the Periyar Tiger Reserve forest, the state of Kerala in India. This temple is famous for the idol of God Ayyappan, the son of Lord Shiva and Vishnu. If you are visiting the reserve forest to watch the tigers then you are not too far from the Sabarimala temple.

The uniqueness of the temple is the most important part that will inspire you to visit this temple, which is situated at the top of the hill of height about 3000 feet from the sea level. One of the places is built with the incarnation of Vavaru Nada, a dearer friend of Lord Ayyappa.

Sabarimala temple history

King Rajashekhara of Pandalam was childless and was worried about the legacy of his kingdom. Rajashekhara of Pandalam was one of the earnest devotees of Lord Shiva. In meanwhile his kingdom was under penance by Mahisasura who was destroying his kingdom. Mahisasura was also one of the strongest devotees of Lord Shiva who was blessed with immortality. So, it became difficult by the King to Kill the demon. The mythological history that the pilgrims can see while moving forward defines the evolution and importance of Lord Ayyappan.

Sabarimala verdict

Finally, the solution suggested by Lord Shiva was the birth of a child by the union of Lord Shiva and Vishnu. The birth of Ayyappan is the incarnation of both Shiva and Vishnu. Lord Ayyappan defeated the immortal Mahisasura and finally, his responsibility was given to Rajashekhara, as the foster father of Ayyappan.

Later after defeating the demon, several years later the king was mourning about the exile of his son to the forest and finally decided to build a temple within the forest on the memory of his son. Lord Manikandan blessed the king and his son to build the temple and later on the advice of Saint Agasthya laid the foundation of the temple.

How long does it require to travel to the Sabarimala temple?

In routing towards the dense forest covered by the plants and trees, the pilgrims have to travel towards the temple at the hilltop. Once upon a time travelling through the dense forest was difficult due to the wild animals and narrow pathways to the heap of the hills but now the roads are covered with pebbles and the movement of the pilgrims has reduced the fear of wild animal for the travellers.

How long does it take to climb Sabarimala temple?

In order to determine the distance and the time necessary to travel or climb the Sabarimala temple, the different routes are the Erumeli route, the Vandiperiyar route and the Chalakayam route. If you are searching for a less troublesome or tiring route then the Chalakayam route is the easiest, the toughest route is the Erumeli route. These are the most common route for the pilgrims. Apart from it few more route is present but not used as the pathways to the Ayyappan’s temple.

Where is Sabarimala temple situated?

This common question will come into your mind, after knowing the routes to the temple. Since the temple is situated in the hilltop, surrounded by eighteen hilltops within the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats, the transports are till Pamba, after this pilgrims have to walk till the destination. Whereas for the convenience of the pilgrims’ buses are available till Pamba, operated by the government of Kerala.

Which district is Sabarimala?

Sabarimala temple is situated in the district of the Pathanamthitta, therefore it is about 191km from the Thiruvananthapuram and 210 km from Kochi. After this, you can feel the wonderful scenic or the natural beauty of the forest and the shrines of the different lords, that are developed in the pathways. One can find the mythological history as depicted while you move towards the temple along with the mesmerizing nature watching the birds and wild animals. The routes are not motorable but walking or trekking throughout can be an awesome experience.

Sabarimala issue explained and Who started Sabarimala issue?

In 1990 the issue was raised to the court in Kerala while moving a petition with an allegation on women. The issue was the trekking of the old women through the forest to the temple, the petition was moved by S Mahendaran of Perunna, Kottayam. The court signed the petition with the allowance of the women between the ages of 10-50 to travel to the temple to offer prayer to Lord Ayyappan.

Sabarimala temple opening dates and Sabarimala Darshan

The temple is open for the pilgrims from the 15th of November to 26th December, Makara Sankranti, Maha Vishuva Sankranti and also at the first five days of every Malayalam Month. The visiting of the pilgrims is increasing for the last 10 years as found in the records.

Now women’s can also enter in the premise of the temple. High court passes the rule that now women’s can enter in this historical temple and this law might hurt the emotions and sentiments of the devotees.

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