How PUBG game destroys your love life and Health


Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is popularly known as PUBG game. Each and every game lover know about this trending fever. It has become a sort of rage with on-line gamers all around the world.

Nowadays, PUBG game gains popularity among all age groups in all over the world. It has also become a highly debatable topic, especially in India.

In this article, we share some incidents of people who are PUBG game addicted and destroy their life to this game addiction.

As per reports, a Facebook post has recently viral which states that the man was introduced to the online battle royale game PUBG by his siblings before he started playing it excessively. His addiction for this game led to arguments between the couple since the man was reportedly staying up all night in order to play the game while also neglecting the responsibilities towards his family or wife.   

What is the PUBG matter?

In this report, it is mentioned that the man made a choice and eventually decided to leave his family as he could not bear to stay away from this game.  

This comes after an 11-year-old boy in Maharashtra move the Bombay High Court seeking a ban on this game because it is harmful and addictive for all.

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PUBG ends the life of Gym trainer

In another incident of this game, addiction is that a gym trainer ended up in the hospital due to his addition to this game.

GOA IT minister, Rohan Khaunte stated that there is a need to pass a law to stop this kind of games which destroy the personal and professional life of human beings.

The minister said that PUBG has become a demon in every house while students are facing failure in their exams due to this game addiction.

Recently, Gujarat Police issued a circular in which states that district primary education officers will have to take required steps in order to ban PUBG for students.

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