Now this town of India become New Hub of Drugs Addiction


Shimla is a beautiful town of Himachal Pradesh. Many tourists and travellers love this place because of its tranquillity and peaceful nature. But now a place of beauty and nature becomes the perch of drug addicted people. Drugs are also known as Dope.

Yes, it is 100 per cent true that Shimla is trapped in Dope addiction. After the Udta Punjab, Himachal Pradesh’s Una district is facing a problem of drug addiction at young age.

Drugs in Himachal

In the small town of Shimla school and college going students are not the only Dope addicted but also use cigarettes, guthka, khaini and they are prey to capsules.  In this town, drug addiction is spread like an epidemic disease.

Harmful effects of Drugs in body

Usually, Dope affects each and every part of our body. Its consumption can cause heart attack and abnormal heart rates. People who are taking injecting drugs could suffer from collapsed veins and infections in heart valves. Some types of drugs can also affect the growth of bones.

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After consuming the drugs, many people forget to engage in safe sex and this unprotected sex will definitely increase the chances of sexually transmitted disease. Sharing needles to inject certain types of drugs can also cause hepatitis C, hepatitis B and HIV.


People who are consuming Dopes and alcohol are more likely to experience physical injury. These people intend to do suicide or homicide.

These drug-related mortality rates are on the rise, doubling since the early 1980s. it’s estimated that 1 out of every 4 deaths is caused by drugs and alcohol consumption.

Drug abuse in Himachal Pradesh is consistently growing and this problem is really needed to resolve. Otherwise, like the Punjab state, Shimla will also become favourite place of drug adductors.

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Drug addiction centre in Shimla

Here we mention few drug de-addiction centres in Shimla

  • Navodaya Nasha Mukti Kendra
  • Full Impact Recovery Centre
  • Amboli Aryavaidyashala and Panchkarma Hospital

In Shimla’s school going children are using Dopes and they are addicted to this bad habit. If it happens continuously then one day our country will definitely become Nation of Drug.


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