These are the most Romantic countries of the World


Romance add spice to your love life and there are few romantic countries that are famous for romance. Romance is a beautiful emotion that can make your life happy and blissful. It can fill your heart with love, warmth, passion and content.

Here, we tell you some top romantic countries in the world where you can spend your anniversary, valentine day or birthday of your soul mate.

So, let’s take a look –

If we talk about romantic countries then Italy is on the top of the list. Italy is related to romance in many ways.

The country is n for its romance, architecture, culture and history. Food and wine also add the perfection in your romantic date.


Spain people are very sexy and good looking. In the list of romantic countries, Spain is famous for popular dance form – Salsa.

If you want to spend some good and romantic time with your partner then you must choose Spain.


France comes in the list of romantic countries. Paris is the most romantic city in the world. Kissing under the Eiffel tower tops the list of Must does things for lovers.

Fashionista and very sophisticated France country love to talk about love and romance. They speak the language of love and romance.


Argentina is on number 4 in the list of most romantic countries. This Latin American country is very popular for Tango and its every move spells romance. Argentina people are very romantic and passionate about their love.


Brazil is the place that believes in parties, romance and extreme love. This is the most romantic country in the world as it stands at number 5 on the list.

Brazilians are very open to express their love and even they do not feel shy in matters of sex.


Ireland stands at number 6 on the list of most romantic countries of the world. People of Ireland are very humble and well behaved.

This country is popular among lovers because of the gorgeous looks of Irish people. They are great in romance and know every trick to seduce their lovers.


Yes, India is also the most beautiful and romantic country in the world. The most important and significant place of love is situated in India and it is famous as Taj Mahal.

Shahjahan constructed this monument for his deceased wife Mumtaz Mahal and that’s why it is the eternal symbol of love and romance. This beautiful monument attracts the lovers of all over the world.

If you are planning for a romantic trip with your partner and want to spend some good quality time with your loved ones then you can choose some od above mentioned most romantic countries for your romantic trip.

Love is not bound by the boundaries and nationalities, it takes its place everywhere but these most romantic countries have gained popularity among lovers and romantic people. These beautiful and lovable places add passion and beauty to your life. So, go ahead and plan your romantic trip now with your partner.


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