NYT suggests Hampi as a must visit place in 2019


Historical city Hampi is situated in Ballari district of Karnataka. This one of the richest towns of history comes under the Vijaynagar Empire. In the 16th century, this heritage town was a beautiful and magnificent town of India which still attracts many tourists and travellers.

Hampi ranked 2nd position

In New York Times, historical town of Karnataka placed on 2nd position among 52 places to go in 2019. It means New York Times suggests that this Indian town is perfect for travel in 2019.

The NYT has described this ancient town as an archaic archaeological complex and also highlighted that this town is more accessible with an airline recently starting direct flights from here to Hyderabad.

Hampi Tourism

This ancient town is famous for its ruined forts, architecture and temples. These 16th-century old places set against the backdrop of the Tungabhadra River which is a beautiful gift for eyes. So, this is not surprising that NYT ranked this heritage town in the list of 52 places to visit in 2019. Hampi temple holds significant importance for historians and tourists.

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Everyone should come to this place at least once in the lifetime.

Hampi Utsav 2019

In Karnataka, Vijaya festival is one of the most marvellous and joyful festivals of this region. This festival is celebrated since the times of the Vijayanagar reign. The entire ambience of this festival is lively and colourful. Vijaya festival is all about dance, music, drama, puppet shows, vibrant processions and fireworks.

When is Hampi Utsav 2019 is not yet confirmed?

What is the Best time to visit Hampi-town?

Hampi weather is pleasant from October to February. Travellers can also visit this ruined town during the monsoon season. Try to avoid visiting this town in the summer season as it might scorching and dry.

Hampi Airport

If you think about that  How do I get to this town in 2019 then your answer is included in this article. Bellary and Belgaum airport are the nearest airports to this ancient and most visited town in our country.

जनरल कैटिगिरी को भी मिला आरक्षण, क्‍या अब मिट पाएगा जाति का भेदभाव

The heritage town recognition by NYT is really very proud and happy moment for every Indian. State Tourism Department stated that they are making all efforts to provide better amenities to tourists at this heritage place.


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