5 foods that reduce Belly fat naturally


Now, health becomes the main concern for our life. What we eat, what to eat, how to eat and when to eat – these types of things are continuously triggering in our mind. Many people asked about which foods burns fat quickly and what is the best diet to reduce belly fat?

So, in this article, we are explaining a few Indian foods that reduce belly fat naturally.

Ajwain seeds

They are pungent in taste and have a unique flavour. In every Indian kitchen, Ajwain seeds are available. It is beneficial for respiratory disorders and indigestion. These seeds are great in reducing belly fat.

How to use: boil one tablespoon of ajwain seeds in a litre of water and make it cool. Sip on it throughout the day.

Moong Dal

This remedy is very easy to cook. It has vitamin A, B, C and E and many types of minerals like calcium, iron, potassium. It is a brilliant weight loss food.

How to use: you can eat a bowl of moong dal in lunch or dinner with rotis.


It’s rich in minerals, fibre and having the water content of 92%. This magical food can help in insomnia and digestive disorders. It quenches thirst and also prevents from excessive loss of sodium.

How to use: to reduce belly fat, you can eat lauki as sabzi and drink one glass of juice in the morning on an empty stomach.


Dalia is one of the most famous food in breakfast. It is high in protein and low in fat. It provides you with nutrients and makes you healthy. People who want to reduce belly fat should consume dalia in their breakfast.

How to use: you can eat sweet or salty dalia in your breakfast, easy to cook in under 15 minutes.


It is also known as Buttermilk and it is a healthy and nutritious drink. This is an excellent source of nutrients for the body and has more lactic acid and less fat than regular milk. According to Ayurveda, buttermilk is a very good carminative and digestive drink, it also reduces obesity.

So, the above mentioned Indian foods will help you to reduce belly fat naturally.


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