Dipika Kakkar receives a Grand welcome at home after winning Bigg Boss 12


Finally, Sasural Simar Ka star Dipika Kakar won Bigg Boss 12 crown last night. Dipika won this title after beating cricketer Sreesanth in Finale. At the time of finale, last finalists Deepak Thakur took 20 lakhs and quit the show.

The winner of Bigg Boss 12 Dipika Kakar was often called a fake contestant and accused of using her emotional card. Now, after winning this big reality show, Dipika was happy that she got so much love and support from her fans.

Dipik said that “I have received a lot of love and support from the viewers throughout my journey. I would like to thank God and everyone who voted for me and supported me. Only because of them, I could win this trophy. This was like 106 days of examination for me which I passed with full of happiness and joy.

Welcome of Dipika Kakar at home

Now Dipika is back to home and she was getting a very warm welcome by her in-laws and husband. She entered the house amidst band Baja. The house was beautifully decorated with flowers, pictures and balloons. The actress is stunned to see all the decorations and the faces of her family and friends.

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Dipika Kakar missed her husband

When Dipika was asked about her husband then she said that she misses them all. After this Dipika says that she realised how much she loved all her family members after going inside the Bigg Boss 12 house.

Dipika Kakar is in shock

Dipika still could not believe that she won the Bigg Boss trophy. When Salman Khan first announced her name, she was in shock. She said after announcing her name, she could not understand that she has actually won.

Dipika told that Salman sir has been joking sometimes lifting my hand and then bhai’s hand. When he finally said Dipika has won the show, it finally dawned upon me that okay it’s me. It’s a feeling that you cannot explain in words. When I looked at Shoaib, he went down on his knees to thank god, she told us.

She pointed out that it was very difficult to survive in the house. But now she is happy that she won the trophy.

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