Different gemstone jewelery and their credibility


There are many unraveled mysteries in the world such as the effect of gemstone, existence of ghosts, the dead ancestors or the overbearing effects of planets in human lives, but what really robs us of our sleep in the confusion surrounding gemstones.

We are in a perpetual dilemma whether or not to wear gemstones and if they are scientifically accredited. Maximalism is the defining word for today’s materialistic society where everyone wants to reap the maximum benefits of their labor.

To wear or not to wear gemstones

This aspiration motivates them to wear gemstones but the ignorant and logical conscience bursts in the scene and asks a question- ‘To wear or not to wear gemstones or if they will be fruitful’.

Many people are of the belief that gemstones are means of livelihood of the astrologers and jewelers who are in dovetail to fleece us. This concern that how wearing a stone can optimize their fortune also bugs them.

To cut to the chase, we will here introduce you to the term gemology which is an important wing of astrology. Your fate and action are the two sides of the same coin and bear their own importance in our lives.

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There are instances when most of the rich people accumulated a lot of wealth without working hard and the one who works 10 hours a day, is still as poor. So, luck is a ruling factor in reaping synergistic results we can see.

Here comes the context of gemstones that work as a catalyst to accentuate your fortune. If you visit a gemologist, he will tell you about the miraculous properties of gemstone and educate you on the particular gemstone to yield unprecedented growth.

How do stones work to enhance your luck?

Due to the faulty positioning of stars your luck can go in sparse and to retrieve that at the nick on time, gemstones can be your perfect refuge.

If you rule them out citing superstition, then we pray you for a rethink may be. Gemstones constantly work towards removing hurdles and negative influence from your path and saving your luck from being led astray.

However, you can definitely argue that an imposer astrologer can convince rich people to wear gemstones double their actual price. This happens a lot but that doesn’t establish that original gemstones are impotent too.

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Your fortune will definitely begin to notch up when you start wearing a proper gemstone. There are gemstone spheres or the round shaped amethysts, gemstone pyramids which are cuts from different gemstones to prepare a statement piece for your home, Rudraksha or the traditional prayer beads used in Hinduism or the sculpture gemstones.

Their different kinds do equal justice to your faith that you lay on them only if they are original ones.

Why we prescribe for wearing gemstones?

It has already been stated above that gemstones have miraculous properties and referred to as having divine power. They have a distinct color of their own each which is the repository of the planet they represent.

Take, for instance, Venus is represented by diamond because it is white in colour. In the same manner as this, Red Ruby represents Sun whilst yellow Sapphire represents Jupiter.

Gemstones draw the positive energy from the planets and channelize it in the wearer’s body and he starts experiencing miraculous results within a few days.

Each gemstone represents a planet of the solar system and they bring on earth the favorable effects of the said planets. One can wear gemstones in their finger, neck or arm as suggested by the astrologer to wring the planet dry of its benevolence.

However, in astrology, every finger represents a different planet such as thumb represents Venus, Index finger represents Jupiter, Middle finger represents Saturn, ring finger represents the Sun and lastly, little finger represents Mercury.

You are only asked to wear a gemstone when a particular planet is not strong in your horoscope The moment you start wearing the gemstone, you come under the positive influence of the planet which starts to usher in all the energy in you and motivate you to do better in life.

In essence, you start to climb the career ladder fairly quickly. Things will be on swell for you even if you don’t put the fervent efforts

Pretty aptly, gemstones are compared with the doctors treating the vitamin deficiency in the body.

You are suggested to consume a lot of vegetables by your doctor in case if you are vitamin deficient and in a likely manner, if you have a deficiency in the influence of a particular planet, you are asked to wear gemstones.

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