Can Insulin Plant cure of Diabetes?


Recently, Insulin plant was introduced in India and it gains huge popularity among diabetes patients. Yes, it is said that this plant is good for those people who are suffering from diabetes. let’s discuss what plants can cure diabetes?

This plant is considered as being a magical and natural cure for diabetics. This herb is primarily used for curing diabetes. Apart from that this diabetic plant is also beneficial for kidney stones, blood pressure and various other types of diseases.

Phytochemicals present in Insulin Plant

This miraculous plant is rich in protein. Iron and various antioxidants like ascorbic acid, steroids, b-carotene, terpenoids and flavonoids. It is observed that the methanolic extract of the plant had a high percentage of phytochemicals like triterpenoids, carbohydrates, proteins, alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids and saponins.

Now let’s know What is the benefits of Insulin plant.

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Benefits of Insulin plant

  • This plant is best for reducing high sugar level in the blood. Regular consumption of the leaves can prevent you from the complications of diabetes.
  • Insulin plant is not only beneficial for diabetes patient but it also improves the digestion. In this herb, various complex components, nutrients and vitamins are present and help in improving digestion.
  • In some studies, it is revealed that insulin plan has some compounds that are anti-oxidative in nature. They destroy the free radicals from the body and protecting body and cells.
  • This plant has the ability to improve bladder and kidney health. It also has anti-bacterial properties. It kills the problem causing bacteria and provides relief in the excretory process.
  • It removes the toxins of the liver. By removing the toxins from your body, the herb limits the development of chronic diseases in future.
  • Insulin plant is rich in anti-oxidants and it helps to improve the immune system of a person. This herb removes all the toxins from the body and helps in developing a healthy immune system.
  • Studies have revealed that Insulin plant is good in curing cancer. It has ant proliferative and anti-cancer properties. The herbs prevent the body from free radicals that cause cancer. Regular consumption of the herb helps prevent the growth of cancerous cells in the body.

Insulin Plant leaves Tea Recipe


  • 5-7 insulin leaves
  • 4 cups Water
  • Honey for taste

How to make:

  • Wash the leaves of insulin plant and let it dry out.
  • Boil the water in a pot.
  • As the water begins to boil, add the leaves in it.
  • Let it boil, till the water reduces to one cup.
  • Now, filter the tea and pour the tea into a cup.
  • Add honey for taste.

This miraculous Insulin plant can save the life of diabetes patients.

Insulin Plant Wikipedia


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