Daily Kissing habit reduce the risk of many diseases 


A good kiss a day keeps the doctor away — although this may sound like an exaggeration, it really is true. Besides being one of the most enjoyable experiences in our life, kissing actually brings us a bunch of other benefits, helping us live a longer and healthier life.

Scientists suggest that a daily kiss can improve your health and reduce the risk of many diseases. Daily a good kiss can keep the doctor away from you. Kissing is not only the most enjoyable thing but also give many health benefits. It gives us a healthier and longer life.

When you are kissing your partner then it influences the quality of your life. Here, we discuss some daily kissing benefits.

Protect from allergies

It is said that 30 minutes kissing session can reduce the risk of allergy and the symptoms of hay fever which caused due to pollen or dust. It is proved that daily kissing habit decreases the growth of the immunoglobulin E antibodies in your blood. These antibodies release histamine that is responsible for watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose.

Stress Buster

Many people face stress-related problems but you must know that kissing is the perfect remedy to relieve the stress. When you kiss someone, your body produces oxytocin which is a natural calming chemical. This hormone stops the activity of those hormones which cause tension. Thus, it reduced anxiety and gives relaxation to the mind.

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Burn calories

Daily kissing habit can burn up to 120 calories in an hour. But it can not replace your workout session. Just remember the rule of kissing – the longer you are engaged in the process, the more calories you will burn. It also works better when you are standing, moving rather than sitting still.

Prevents from lung diseases

Daily kissing activity can also improve the health of your lungs. Normally, we inhale about 20 times in a minute. At the time of kiss, this number raises up to 60 times per minute. This habit is actually good for your lungs as it leads to greater exposure to air. With this, your lungs become stronger and reduce the chances of lung disease.

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Hence, It is proved that daily kissing technique benefits you in many ways and it not only build a strong relationship with your partner but also improves your health.


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