You must avoid these Social Status updates on Social media


Our social status tells a lot more about us and our personal lives. Sometimes, people delete some friends only because of their depressing statuses. Now, updating status becomes a ritual and we all update our status related to our lifestyle, moods, outing and holiday etc.

So, there are few updates that you must avoid in your social profile.

Death social status

There are many people who post their selfies with their deceased relative or friend on social media platform and it goes viral. I think this is the weirdest thing about human. There is no need to post such things on social media.

Religious social status

If you are a religious person then you should make it personal. This is not the thing to show off. Religion is a subject that should be avoided as it gets controversial. Don’t touch religion as it might be shown something offensive.

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Extreme close up pictures

Unless you are very photogenic, please avoid posting extreme close selfies or pictures of your face. Some people just love to post their close up of eyes, lips and cheeks and earrings etc. before posting such kind of images, try to take honest opinion from your friend.

Marriage images

I think this is the most personal and private occasion of our life. We should avoid posting pictures and status related to your marriage. It might be quite irritating for others. Every morning we log in and the first thing to pop up on our news feed is a marriage update. It’s really annoying for others who are not interested in your private affairs.

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So, if you are continuously posting social status and images of your life then you must read this article, also if you’re some of friend or sibling is addicted to these above-mentioned rituals, then please share this article with them.


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