Valentine Day : These astrological remedies will fill your life with love


Love is the best thing that happens in our life. It truly makes our life better and full of happiness. Valentine Day will be celebrated on 14th February and you also tense about how you can make your relationship better with your partner.

Here are some of the Valentine Day tips with the use of Vedic astrology and Vastu Shastra. If you are facing some problems and hurdles in your love life then you must follow these tips on this valentine day.

Love back remedy on this Valentine day

If you want to back your partner or husband/wife then you must chant this mantra: Naat devay admin bhava na turan devaay, kaasvadramapati kripaya kuru. This magical mantra can also stop extramarital affairs.

Vashikaran Remedy for Valentine day

If you want to get rid of some unwanted love or person from your life or you want to control someone’s love when you can use Vashikaran mantra.

ऊं विजय सुंदरी क्लीं ।।

Use black coal and write this mantra on bhojpatra. Burn it while reciting the name of a person whom you love or unwanted lover. Do this remedy on Saturday only.

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Bedroom tips for Married couples

  • The bedroom of the couple should be constructed on the South West side of the house. And, the bedroom must be in square shape.
  • The foot of the bed should not directly face the door. It may increase the tension and mental stress between the couple.
  • The couple’s photo in a nice frame should be kept on the back wall or counter of the sleeping bed to boost the marital peace.

Valentine Day Gift – Zodiac sign

  • If your partner belongs to Aries zodiac sign then you must gift them some electronic gadgets like computer games, puzzles etc.
  • Taurus natives will appreciate spa and body massage or any kind of jewellery.
  • Holiday packages, day trips, trekking and hiking outings appeal the Gemini soul.
  • Cancer natives love the cookbook, exotic food hampers, fruit teas, baskets, hand made utility items.
  • Leo people like quality stuff. Champagne or expensive wine, flower bouquet will attract them on this Valentine day.
  • You can gift Virgo people digital diaries, gadgets, calendars, stationery and toolkits etc.
  • The scented candles and balloons, teddies will definitely attract Libra lovers.
  • For Scorpio natives, you can gift them perfumes, exotic meals, thriller novels, jewellery and expensive wines.
  • For a Sagittarius, you can plan a surprise vacation for them. You can also gift your Sagittarius love gifts which help him/her to improve their overall personality.

Marriage compatibility between Taurus and Capricorn

  • To Capricorn partner, you can gift them a stylish bag, jewellery, pens, wrist watches etc.
  • Aquarius sign people love writing material, books, travel gifts and electronic gadgets as well on this Valentine day.
  • Flowers, chocolates, bath and body products, perfumes, essential oils will make happy your Pisces lover.

So, these easy astrological remedies of Valentine day will surely make your love life better and prosperous. You can also gift Rose Quartz heart pendant from our website. This stone attracts love in your life.


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