American attempt to resist India


In the early 18s, the Indians were not allowed in American because of the Indian Removal Act, this act came in existence under the US President Andrew Jackson on May 28, 1830. America wanted to remove all the Indians from southern America.  The law authorized by the president to negotiate with the Indian tribes to leave or removal to federal territory west of the Mississippi River in exchange for their lands.

This act was signed by Jackson and enforced under the rule of Martin Van Buren.  Before even the existence of the Americans Indian fought against many newcomers like British, Mughal, Russian, Greek, Chinese and many other for their lands. However, Britishers and Mughal emperor ruled the country over 400 years.

Indian fought against the British for a long period of time, many Indians fought in the revolution but very less acted loyally. American settlers threatened their land and freedom.

In America, crops and villages were destroyed and the whole communities send to other parts of the country to survive. In the north Britain Americans burned some forty Iroquois Towns in 1779 raid, armies left invading, native people of America often returned to their country. And in 1783 Indians still controlled most of the interior. The revolutionary war finally ended by the Treaty of Paris and granted the United States all territory east of the Mississippi, but from an Indian perspective, this was a fraud. The British had no rights to give these homelands to any other tribal community, however, American claimed the interior, but Indian possessed it. Eventually, the conflict was bound to be renewed.

The act was strongly supported by the southern Americans but there were a large number of Indian tribes who resist against this act. The Cherokee worked hard to stop this relocation by the government as an independent nation. But the US government failed their enforcement and forcefully removed all the tribes and kept their land. The government send them to the west which later known as the Trail or Tears.

This act caught a lot of Controversies, many Americans took a side and were and stand against the Indians, and on the other hand, many Americans denied and took stand for Indians for their lands. Christians living in Mississippi protested against this Act. After so many debates and fights of many political figures, this act was passed only after a big bitter debate of Congress.

According to the Indian Removal Act 1830, all the Indian tribes had to leave the land peacefully which did not happen, many Indian tribes fought back against the US government to secure their land and resisted the removal along with fugitive slaves. This revolutionary war lasted from 1835 to 1842 and resulted in the government allowing them to remain in the south Florida swamplands. Only a few Indians remained and 3000 were removed.


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